Money Saving Secrets When Renovating

Anyone who has thought about renovating a home, has also considered the hefty fees that could go along with the renovation process. Although renovating can be a financially stressful process, there are numerous ways to save money while you embark on your renovation journey. Here are some tips to save you money while still achieving all of your renovation goals.

1. Try your best not to move any plumbing appliances.
Re-plumbing appliances such as a sink or toilet, can add a substantial amount to your renovating costs. If you can leave these appliances where they are, you will be able to put that saved money into an area that you will be able to actually see and enjoy.

2. Do your own demolition.
Hiring someone to do you demolition can be very expensive, do it yourself and save big! Plus, what a great way to release some tension.

3. Check the clearance aisle.
When looking to buy paint, tile, wallpaper, etc., look at the clearance aisle first. Just because something is on clearance, doesn’t mean that the product is any less than the high priced items.

4. Consider the scratch & dent appliance section.
You would be amazed at how much appliances will be discounted when there is a tiny scratch or dent. Many of the times, these flaws are barely noticeable.

5. Lastly, get multiple quotes and consider timing.
Contractors are the most busy in spring, therefore the cost of renovating can increase since the demand is high. Getting multiple quotes will give you an idea about who may not be the most honest with their prices, be sure to consider more than just one.


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