On Boredom and Power Outages

The other day, while I was enjoying a relaxing—albeit rainy— afternoon at home, the power went out. In a flash, I found myself woefully unprepared for the task of entertaining myself without my phone or laptop. You’ll be happy to know, however, that in my time of need I didn’t think of myself – I thought of my dear readers, and how I could save them from the horrors of being found unexpectedly in the dark. My loss is your gain, so keep reading for ways to stay busy when the comforts of the modern world become temporarily unavailable.

  • The Book — you know all those books you bought and promised to read later? Now’s your chance. Remember, books don’t need to be charged, and don’t require an internet connection, so your only limiting factor is daylight. Even then, if the sun goes down and you find yourself in the dark, nothing’s stopping you from reading by candlelight and pretending you’re some sort of cool, old-timey pioneer.


  • The Board Game – these handy activities are guaranteed to occupy your time for at least three hours: one hour for actually playing the game, and another two hours for the arguments that inevitably occur when playing board games with your loved ones.


  • The Chores – for the more responsible among us, channel your boredom into something productive and tackle some household tasks. Throw out the now-liquefied vegetables you bought last month when you swore to start eating healthy. Take back your garden from the weeds that asserted their dominance in the spring. Organize your upcoming week to avoid repeating that time you dropped your kid off at the vet and took your cat to daycare.


  • The … Miscellaneous – take a nap, go for a walk, tell ghost stories, learn to knit (low-light conditions and sharp objects don’t mix), make a shrine to Thomas Edison, etc.


  • The Plan – in case this isn’t your standard power outage, you should ensure that your household has a well-stocked emergency kit. Click here for the Government of Canada’s advice on preparing for a power outage, how to make an emergency plan and emergency kit, and more.


Good luck out there!




Dan DaCosta

Dan DaCosta

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