Part II of TeamCHAMP’s Holiday Organizathon

Part II of TeamCHAMP’s Holiday Organizathon


Welcome back! In this week’s edition of the Holiday Organizathon, we’ll be tackling holiday safety. While safety is one of the less exciting aspects of getting ready for the holidays, it is perhaps the most important. This time of year is made for celebrating and spending time with family and friends (not for spending time in the emergency room).

Read this list to brush up on your safety knowledge before your holiday schedule gets too hectic:

  • Christmas Tree Safety

  • When buying a real tree, pick one that’s fresh. Look for green needles, and touch the tree to make sure the needles don’t fall off easily. Older, dry trees present a greater fire hazard.

  • Keep your tree far away from any heat source (including fireplaces, radiators, candles, heat vents, and lights).

  • Check your tree’s water daily.

  • Don’t place your tree in a place that blocks doorways and exits.

  • Always turn off your tree’s lights before going to bed or leaving the house.

  • After Christmas, dispose of your tree when it begins drying out. You can compost your Christmas tree at the Kingston Area Recycling Centre, or at Norterra Organics (make sure all lights and decorations are removed before dropping your tree off).


  • Fireplace Safety

  • Don’t place flammable objects on the mantle of your fireplace (greenery, stockings, paper decorations, etc.).

  • Never use flammable liquids to start your fire.

  • Don’t burn wrapping paper, boxes, or plastic packaging in your fireplace.

  • If you don’t have one already, purchase a screen. Fireplace screens prevent flyaway embers from damaging your home or causing a fire. If you have a gas fireplace, these screens prevent children and pets from being able to touch the hot glass.


  • Kitchen Safety

  • Keep flammable objects (like dish towels, grocery bags, and plastic and wood utensils) away from the stove and oven.

  • If it’s been awhile, clean your oven to remove built-up grease and food particles. No one wants to deal with a grease fire on Christmas day.
  • Though you may want to be the perfect host and do all the preparation and cooking yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Multitasking increases the chances of making mistakes that may put you in harm’s way.


  • Child Safety

  • Keep dangerous objects out of reach (cleaning products, knives, hot dishes, scissors etc.). Ensure that pot handles turned toward the back of the stove.

  • Avoid using small decorations that could pose a choking hazard to young children.

  • Holiday plants such as mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias are poisonous for children and pets. Keep them out of reach.


  1. Test Your Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors - during the holidays, your fireplace, furnace, stove, and oven are often working in overdrive. If something does go wrong, you’ll want to know about it. And the best way to ensure you know about it is by confirming that these devices have working batteries. If you don’t own a carbon monoxide detector, make sure to purchase one.


  2. Responsible Hosting - when hosting your annual Christmas party, make sure you have non-alcoholic beverages available, and ensure that you provide a way for guests to get home safely.


We know, reading about safety is not a subject that gets people excited for the holidays. However, we’d rather you have an uneventful, safe season than one that ends in someone getting hurt. Check back next week for Part III of the Holiday Organizathon!

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