Ways to Make Rental Property Luring for Tenants

Once your property is vacant, it becomes stressful for you till you get new tenants. Empty property brings financial loss and also doubt among potential tenants as to why the place has been lying vacant for a long time. However, you can reduce the risk of decreasing your vacancy by using the following tips to make your rental more attractive.

Get it Cleaned

No matter how clichéd and obvious it might sound, but getting your property cleaned is the first basic step of attracting new tenants. A prospective tenant may be easily put off by unclean bathroom or dirty kitchen top. So you need to grab those gloves and broom to make sure your carpet is clean, kitchen tops are neat and tidy. Get the plumber in for a leaking faucet and bathroom pipe. Replace those broken tiles or even that old looking carpet if needed. Scrub the bathroom and clean the fans and window panes.

Repair Appliances

Many tenants look for appliances which are not only clean but also updated. Repair the refrigerator or get it serviced even if it is working fine. Give the confidence to the new tenants that the appliances are all in working condition and are of the latest technology that will last them till their tenure.

Secure the Property

Tenants moving to a new location may feel a bit uneasy and it is only but natural. Settling down in a new home, a new neighborhood can be unnerving at times. So install a new home security system even when it is unoccupied. It also reduces the risk of break-in when nobody is around. You can also set up an alarm and use better quality locks for the new tenants to give them a sense of security.

Improve Storage

Many tenants move with a lot of things. They need adequate storage space. Ensure that your property gives them the opportunity to store things safely and securely. If the current plan does not give adequate storage options, then think of some innovative ways of increasing the storage capacity in your apartment.

Undertake Renovation

Well many landlords seem to go a little slow on this and hesitate from investing towards renovation. It doesn’t cost much but definitely it will improve your chances of getting good tenants. Getting a fresh coat of paint, repairing the fencing, nice furniture (no need to change all), and a well maintained garden can help you attract new tenants and also ask for a better rental.

Lighting up your Property

Proper lighting can change the entire look of your property. It does not always have to be expensive lighting but proper curtains which allows light to enter. Tenants love natural lighting. So if you are showing the property in the morning, ensure that the place is well lightened by natural light instead of artificial lighting. Ensure evening light is soothing and not too jazzy.

Do Away with the Smell

Nobody likes a smelly home. If your previous tenant had pets, it could leave behind the unwanted smell. It could be annoying especially if your prospective tenant is not so fond of pets. A closed house could also give damp smell which could be very irritating. Make use of room fresheners to do away with the smell.

Good First Impression

Before your prospective tenant surveys the inside of the house, you should be successful in giving a good outside impression. Give some attention to the outside walls and lawn. Fix things that needs repair. Pathways should be weed free and lawns and driveways should be clean.

Once your property is in prime showing condition, click pictures of it and post it on property rental websites with a nice description. By paying attention to your property and looking after needs of tenants you can not only increase your chances of finding tenants soon but also expect higher rental rate. So go ahead with your renovation plans without hesitation. Your investments will surely pay-off.

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