Welcome to TeamCHAMP’s First Annual Holiday Organizathon

Welcome to TeamCHAMP’s First Annual Holiday Organizathon


We know, it’s only mid-November, but no matter how much you pretend to ignore it, the holidays are fast approaching. We’ve always believed that giving yourself plenty of time to get organized is the key to a happy, relaxed holiday season. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be posting articles on different holiday-themed topics. And while it’ll take many of you much longer than a week to get everything organized, consider these posts organizational stepping stones that will make your holiday planning that much easier. 

This week, we’re tackling the subject of guests. That is, guests that you invite to stay in your home during the busiest times of the year. Instead of welcoming your guests to your last-minute preparations consisting of a sleeping bag on the floor, keep reading for tips that will transform you into the enviable host that you always knew you could be. 

  1. Make sure they have everything they need - this seems obvious. Before your guests arrive, ensure that you stock the guest room with towels, a toothbrush and toothpaste (toothbrushes are usually the first thing people forget when they’re in a hurry), and water. These bottles from Ikea look great, and are only $3. No paper cups for your guests this year!

  2. Holiday-ify the room - usually we only decorate high-visibility areas in our homes. However, consider adding some decorations to your guest room to create a welcoming, warm atmosphere. For extra seasonal points, buy or make an evergreen arrangement for your guest’s room. They smell great, and look great too.

  3. Don’t keep your guests in the dark - if you have a particularly tricky household amenity (i.e., that you can only turn on the shower if you’re standing on your left foot with your eyes closed), then do your guests a favour and let them know beforehand. 

  4. Buy groceries ahead of time - when you pick up your guests, we’re 99% sure they don’t want their first activity to be a trip to the grocery store. Your guests will also appreciate a more robust first meal than a can of olives and a packet of saltine crackers (no matter how many times they say otherwise).

Now that you have the knowledge, get out there and start working to make your guestroom dreams into reality. And if you’re tempted to board the train to Procrastination Station, reconsider before it’s too late.


Check back next week for Part II of TeamCHAMP’s Holiday Organizathon!

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