How Do I Know if My Home is Well Constructed?

  1. Have a good look at your foundation, are there major cracks? Do you see any water marks?? Click here to go to a foundation expert and you will see pictures and also get a better idea so that you can compare your current home to this information.
  2. Your roof is key to a solid built home. Does the roof line look straight and true? Are there shingles missing, or curled up? If you look up into your attic do you see water stains on the roof boards? Check this site here to get further info regarding you roof.
  3. People assume that because a window reaches a certain age that they must be replaced. However many custom built homes or homes constructed by quality builders use a window that will last longer and stand up better some inferior units used. In some cases I have seen homeowners remove perfectly good windows and install something of a poorer quality because they listened to a salesman more interested in selling his product then giving proper advice. To help ascertain the quality of your windows here is some assistance.

Note: Although these sites contain good information to assist in determining the state of your home please be advised that I do not endorse any products or contractors they may advertise. I just find the info to be informative and useful.



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