BlackFly Season


THEY’RE BACK !!!!  ..... Yes, it is that time of year again when our pesky, hungry, nuisance “friends”  suddenly emerge from their breeding grounds.  Yes, I am referring to Blackflies. From mid-May to mid-June, you will have no problem finding the two legged predators of northern Ontario.


Blackfly season is said to be mid-May to mid-June(4-5 week season), although I saw the first sign of them last night and I am near Georgian Bay. Blackflies breed in fast flowing waters & prefer shade. They don't like wind, and are active only during the day. Only the females bite, but the males swarm and they are the fellas that can drive you insane.

If  you prepare yourself you can be relatively comfortable when they are in season. Wear light colored clothing as they are attracted by black and dark colors, and if you are still concerned you can buy a bug jacket or a 'bug net hat' which is basically just a hat with a loose net so they can't get near your ears (which is what drives you crazy). Watch your children as they are an easy target and you won't notice they have been bitten until it's too late. They don't just bite once either, and they seem to love the back of the neck.

Hope this doesn't scare you off, but rather educate you, and prepare you for your time in Cottage Country


I would say wait until later but once our blackflies are gone we are into mosquitos.


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