Midnight hour appointment

One time I was working with a client who had a full time job during the day and a part-time job at night. We had to see a condo that he wanted to put an offer to purchase on. Only problem was he was only available at night, late night, like close to midnight. And that was the only time he had.

Always needing a deal I agreed to it. I would do anything to get a deal, but also to satisfy my clients, as long as I can handle it and as long as it is legal of course.

So I booked an appointment at around 11-12 PM to show the condo which was somewhere at Lawrence and Weston Roads. Well the appointment was approved! So on we went.

I was at my sister's house in Milton that night just waiting for the time to pass. When it was close to 11 I left. I met my client at the place and we went to the concierge to ask for permission to see the condo. The security guys were surprised and confused. They never had a showing at that time of the day, or night hahaha. They tried to call the owners to verify if the appointment was valid but the owners were as confused about the appointment as the security guys were and were probably surprised to receive a call from them at that time of day(night!). Note: the suite we were visiting was vacant, the owners did not live there.

Not wanting to waste my time and effort and the possibility of my client changing his mind, I had to call the sellers' agent. Luckily she answered her phone, like most agents would probably do hahaha, and I briefed her on what was happening. She asked to speak to the security guys and proceeded to scold them for forgetting that there was an instruction to allow this unusual showing appointment.
Then she spoke to me and apologized. And I got to show it to my client. He liked it, we put in an offer and eventually got the deal done!

Daniel Braganza

Daniel Braganza

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