Other Filipino languages I speak

For the benefit of my Filipino market I also speak 2 other languages aside from Tagalog:

Pangasinan, of which I am fluent in. I grew up in the province speaking the language. The vocabulary of this language is very rich. There could be several words to describe a certain action for example, depending on how an action is done.

Bikol, the version spoken in Naga City. I picked up this language while living in the beautiful city of Naga for almost 3 years. I was there as part of my assignment as a Sales Manager at Procter and Gamble Philippines. I am competent at speaking it but I can use more practice to improve my vocabulary. Thus, if you are a Bicolano, maybe we can chat in your language? We can talk about the delicious toasted siopao from Naga Garden Restaurant that I so miss, among other things. I don't think it is available here in Toronto. Masiramon baya!

Daniel Braganza

Daniel Braganza

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