Searching for homes online

Searching for homes onlineWith the prevalence of the internet more information has become available to the average home shopper or seller. But is that enough when it comes to your largest investment? 

Many people are under assumption that public real estate websites have the same information that is available to real estate professionals. Not so. The truth is realtors have access to a great deal more valuable information than what the public sees when they visit websites like There is information like how many times the property has been offered for sale, and when, and for how much, how many times it has sold in the past years and so on. Real estate agents will also have access to the listing date, expiry date, required deposit and vendor information that play a vital role in determining value or developing a negotiation strategy. This information could make the difference between getting your offer accepted and not. 

Realtors also have access to information such as what similar houses in the area have sold for, how often they become available for sale, how long it takes on average for a home to sell in the area. 

Each buyer is unique, each property is unique, as is each buying or selling experience. It's because of this that the most important value of a realtor that will never be available by simply performing an internet search is the knowledge and expertise they bring to the table that allows them to interpret the information of your unique situation. You may look at a piece of information one way and a professional will see it from a completely different angle—an insiders' perspective.

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