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Women and Real EstateThe demographics of the typical first-time homebuyer are changing these days. More and more women today can afford to purchase a property on their own to build up valuable equity and are no longer waiting to find a life partner before they pursue the financial and lifestyle benefits of home ownership. One in four buyers these days is a single female, and new home marketing is actually starting to reflect that. We may be ready to jump into the commitment of home ownership but not all of us are willing to give up our valuable free time to outdoor chores. So single girls tend to look for homes that require little or no maintenance with an option to plant container gardens. Sound familiar girls? 

The easiest and most popular way to hold on to our maintenance free lifestyle is to purchase a condominium. Its problem-free upkeep and unencumbered lifestyle is an obvious benefit to people who don't want to be tied up every weekend with chores—there are no lawns to water and mow, and no leaves to rake. No yard means there's no fence or deck to repair, and no driveway to shovel in winter. Choose a condo and you’ll never have to worry about this stuff. Condominium members are charged a flat monthly fee to cover maintenance of the common areas as well as provide prompt service by reliable trades persons if there are maintenance problems in your individual unit. Heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical problems are handled by maintenance staff or service agreements set up by the condo association, so good help is available at a moment's notice. 

Security is also an important consideration for single women living alone, and the condo lifestyle can offer such measures as restricted access, a concierge on duty screening visitors, closed circuit TV monitors, patrolling security guards and panic buttons in garages to add to peace of mind. 

Some single women still prefer a more traditional home as their first property. The appeal of having an outdoor space of your own to entertain, putter about in a garden and relax in can be inviting. A single family home sometimes offers more privacy and is also better suited to larger pets. Make sure to check if your pet will be warmly received by the condo board—they uphold the rules that the condo owners have set in place.


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