Prime season for activities in the Laurentians

This is the perfect time of year to get out onto the slopes, the local rinks or out on the ski and snowshoes trails!  There is a nice base of snow and the ice is in great condition thanks to the dedicated rink staff!  Enjoy these activities now, because winter will be gone before we know it!  I'm sure this won't bother some of you!  I personally love to get out and enjoy the cold weather; it's not so bad when you're moving and the blood is flowing.  Plus you feel great afterwards!  And then you have a great excuse to relax at one of our numerous spas in the area.  When I was a teenager I worked at the Polar Bear's club; one of the original scandinavian style spas in the area.  I never really understood why people would go so often.  Now that I'm old and my body is beat up and sore; I get it!  I have my season's pass at the Baltic and I am there as often as possible!  I highly recommend it!  Most of the spas will offer fantastic rates if you get a pass for a couple of months.  If you go 4 or 5 times it's paid for!  Enjoy!

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