10 Ways Moving to Canada Can Help You Live to 100

10 Ways Moving to Canada Can Help You Live to 100- (Guest post submitted by Krystal Prior on behalf of  My Visa Source)



Are you feeling a little over stressed in your day to day hustle and bustle? Are you finding it especially difficult to get health insurance? Maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to start a private venture, or simply for a breath of fresh, clean air? Maybe the president or elected leader of your country is leading your fellow citizens down a garden path to fascism. All of these factors can cause you undue stress, and reduce the ways in which you can manage that stress in a healthy manner. Canadians have a vaunted universal health care system, and a competitive liberal capitalist democracy, that Americans, and others find far more enviable than their current political climate. If so, the solution is simple: move to Canada. Whatever your issues, immigration to Canada offers a less competition oriented economic climate, good health care for all, and this will no doubt give you the opportunity to surpass your hundredth birthday!



 #1. Single Payer Health Care 

 While you’re toiling with your government to implement a single payer health care system that doesn’t force you into         purchasing insurance from a for-profit company, you could just be moving to Canada.


#2. Thriving Economy

While Americans may believe that socialism is anything a government does, Canada has fully stocked shelves filled with groceries and consumables that are sure to satisfy and delight.




#3. Less Pollution

To be fair, no modern industrialized country is free of pollution, but Canada actually measures how much pollution is in the atmosphere and water, and will take great measures to ensure that emissions are reduced and that citizens can always breathe a breath of fresh air.


#4. Less Stress

Stress is a major factor in the premature onset of heart and vascular problems. Canadians have a thriving economy, but you won’t bustle yourself to death as you would in L.A. or New York.


#5. Less Homicides Unlike some North American countries, you are far less likely to die in a violent criminal death.


#6. Gun Laws While Canada still allows its citizens to own rifles, and other weapons, handguns are restricted, and illegal to own.


#7. Obesity Rates Once again, Canada wins the day as one of the least obese nations among first world countries.


#8. Canada is 6th Happiest Country on the Planet Happiness leads to better health, and health leads to a longer life. Canada is among the happiest nations on earth!


#9. Canadians Outlive Americans It’s true. Canadians, for the above mentioned reasons, tend to outlive Americans by 2 and half years.


#10. Lower Poverty Rate Canada has less income inequality than the US, which means a smaller percentage of its citizens live in poverty.


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