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Sure, it’s your haven, but home is also where the most accidents happen, make your home accident-proof with these simple tips.

1. Prevent a kitchen fire... by carrying a wooden spoon. It’s easy for the kids or the phone to distract you when you’re cooking. Keeping a spoon with you reminds you to check what’s on the stove.

2. Make stairs trip-proof... with paint! We often overlook the bottom basement step, especially when carrying laundry. The easy fix is to paint the bottom step white to make it more visible.

3. Avoid cuts... by turning knives upside down. One of the most common ways people get cut is by stabbing themselves while unloading the dishwasher. The easy fix is to load them with the point down. The alternate fix is to hand wash them and put them away before any one can get hurt.

4. Prevent ladder falls... with your belt. Use your belt to measure how high to climb. When your belt buckle is even with the top step, you’ve gone as high as you should. Otherwise, you could throw the ladder off balance, causing it to topple.

5. Do you have children at home... Think about your children crawling around your home on your hands and knees. Older children might try to climb shelves, or pull pots and pans off stovetops and run around. Kids explore their everyday environments, so it’s crucial to check things out from their perspective to make sure your home is safe. No matter what their age.

Buckle up before you leave the driveway. Car accidents are twice as likely to happen close to home as on the highway.

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