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When you are preparing to purchase a home, there are several steps that you should take before you look at the first house. Following these simple steps will help ensure that you not only purchase your dream house, but you purchase one you can easily afford.

1. Clean Your Credit. Before you even begin to look for a home, look over your credit reports and make sure that they are in good standing. You want to dispute any negative information and correct any errors. It is a fact that nearly 80 percent of all credit reports have at least one mistake on them. A simple mistake can cause you to pay higher interest rates on your mortgage, which can equal to several thousands of dollars over the course of the loan.
2. Prequalify For A Mortgage. Once you have cleaned up your credit reports, it is time to prequalify for a mortgage. When you prequalify, you have two distinct advantages. First, you know exactly what you can spend on your home. This helps you avoid wasting time looking at homes that are not in your price range. Second, when a seller knows that you are prequalified, they know that you are a serious buyer. This gives you leverage to negotiate on price and amenities.
3. Make A List Of Amenities. Sit down and decide, before you ever look for a home, what amenities you want. If you are purchasing the home with someone else, make sure they perform this same task. Once you have completed your lists, decide what you must absolutely have, what can be overlooked, and what �would be nice� but not necessary. This will ensure that you look for homes that have what you desire.
4. Set A Time Limit. You should set a goal of how long you are willing to look for a new home. Many people find that they easily become overwhelmed when looking for a new home, and eventually, they either settle for something they didn't want or give up looking. By setting a goal for the amount of time you wish to spend searching for a home, you will streamline the process to meet your deadline.
5. Find A Local Professional. You want to find a real estate Professional that is familiar with the area that you are moving into. Local Professionals will be able to give you the type of personal information you need about an area, such as local schools, medical centers and shopping areas.
6. Find An Inspection Company. You will always want to have your home inspected before making the purchase. Establishing contact with a company prior to the purchase will help you quickly get an inspection when you are ready.
7. Get A Good Night Of Sleep. Before you begin looking for a home, make sure that you are well rested. It can be very exhausting traveling from house to house to look for the one you desire. If you are tired, it is easy to miss things you should have noticed.

These are very easy steps to complete before purchasing a home. Completing each step will help the home buying process run smoothly, and in the end you will be glad you took the time to complete them.

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