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More than ever homeowners are mindful about the impact their consumption of energy and resources has on the environment. Many wish to embrace lifestyle choices and habits that will work toward the health of the planet. Here are a few tips that will place you on the road to a greener perspective.

Water Usage
Water is one of our most precious resources. While industrial water usage siphons a great deal of the water supply, at a more personal level you can help to cut consumption as well. Running out to buy new
low flush toilets and smart sensor washers and dryers may not be the angle to take. Making small changes such as watering your lawn or garden by hand rather than utilizing timed systems is a great start.

Bathing rather than showering, or turning the water off when soaping up, if you do choose to shower, can save a tremendous amount of water. Hand washing verses using the dishwasher and doing such with good old-fashioned sinks of water instead of running water is another great option. If you have a refrigerator that makes ice, forgo using it, after all, an ice-less drink saves water!

Electric Usage
Using the sun for natural light during the day rather than artificial lighting can drastically reduce energy consumption. If you have a wood burning fireplace you might light that for heat in the winter or snuggle in a warm set of pyjamas and slippers while keeping the heat at around 65 or 70 degrees. Place your heating system on a timer. Have it turn off while you are at work and while you are in bed; have it turn on right before you arrive home and wake up. Along those lines, check your heating filter. If you are using a disposable filter replace it with a reusable one, then be sure to clean it every other month. If you opt to keep the disposable filter then make sure to replace it once a month.

Refrigerators use a huge amount of energy. Keep a dry eraser board and marker on the outside of your refrigerator. Arrange it so that there is a list of the items inside. As items are replenished or moved adjust the quantities, refreshing the board as items change depending on shopping trips. This will allow a little decision making prior to opening the fridge door.

Whatever you choose, all boils down to making more active choices. There is no reason to make drastic changes, just smart ones. Be strategic, a few little changes add up into one big impact!

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