RIM, Apple with New Releases For Spring


Spring is often equated to new beginnings. This year, it’s not just nature that will awaken and produce as the calendar turns to the new season—but also in the consumer technology arena.

In particular for tablets, it is expected that two of the major players – Apple and RIM- will make major moves in the coming weeks.



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Tomorrow, Apple is releasing the second generation of it’s enormously popular iPad tablet. Less than a year after its initial release, the iPad is responsible in large part for injecting life into a sagging tablet market.

 Similarly, in a few weeks, RIM is expected to  jump in to this space, with the release of the Playbook. RIM is confident that their offering will position them competitively; “Initial feedback about the BlackBerry PlayBook has been outstanding,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “Our strategic decision to invest in groundbreaking performance, web fidelity and an open web-based development environment is resonating extremely well with customers and developers.”

There is belief that this is all part and parcel of RIM’s strategy to close in on the competition in mobile applications. To put it in context , Apple offers upwards of 400,000 applications from it’s app store; RIM offers a mere 20,000 for its’ Blackberry.

There are rumours circulating that RIM is investigating ways in which to allow Android apps to run on their systems. To do so would be a game changer both for RIM, and for the industry as, not only would it increase RIM’s offerings substantially, bringing them back into the space as a more prominent player, it would also signify the first time that this kind of cross-smart phone accessibility  has happened.

There is expectation that Apple will do little to change the success they have already enjoyed with the iPad, and that Wednesday’s release will not showcase any major improvements.

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