What Improvements Really Make a Difference when Selling Your Home in Burlington?

Daniella Aitken advises, before you hire a contractor to invest in expensive home improvement projects, get the advice of a Real Estate Professional. Many homeowners mistakenly think that expensive home improvements lead to a better sales price. But, experts know better. Some of the biggest improvements cost little or no money. Try to think like a buyer and walk through the property with your real estate agent.

Homeowners often take it personally when their home improvement choices do not get a good return on investment. If the goal is to sell the home for the best price, then forget personal taste and think of potential buyers.

Most Burlington buyers want a solid house in move-in ready condition. Fixing broken steps or replacing a torn screen is a must. Basic repairs need to be at the top of the home improvement list. If buyers notice small problems, they may think there are bigger problems lurking just out of sight. Show pride in your home by taking care of repairs.

Many of the home improvements that make the biggest difference when selling a home don't cost much money. Some cost nothing at all. Curb appeal”the first impression buyers have of your property”is a good example. The outside of your home needs to look as good as the inside. Mow the lawn, trim bushes and pull weeds. If buyers have a negative impression before they enter the house, the negative tone can influence their overall opinion.

Homeowners need to make the house as neutral as possible. Take the advice of professionals and improve your property by removing all personal items. It's difficult for buyers to picture their families living in a home when they see personal items involving religion, politics or another family's pictures. You want them to feel comfortable and welcome.

One of the most important improvements that aides in the selling of your home is deep cleaning. Hire professional cleaners or do the work yourself, but this improvement is a must. Every corner of every room needs to be free of dirt and grime. From windows to floors to toilets, your home needs to be sparkly clean.

Removing clutter is another required improvement. Professional home stagers recommend removing many of the items placed on shelves, mantels and end tables. In addition to looking messy, clutter can make your home appear smaller. Throw out stacks of old newspapers and magazines. Store any personal collections until you move into your new home.

Another important but inexpensive home improvement is new paint. Newly painted rooms in neutral warm colors are a great way to make your home fresh and inviting. Even if you recently painted your bedroom with a bright red wall to match your bedding, repaint it a softer color. Some buyers might like bold colors, but others might think of them as a deal breaker.

If you are not confident in your ability to remove clutter, clean or make décor choices, consider hiring a home stager. If you don't have the extra money to hire services, ask for advice. For example, many home stagers charge a small fee to look at your home and give staging advice.

The improvements that make the most difference in selling a home are more about common sense than a big budget. As a homeowner, look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. Then, make the obvious improvements. As the cliche goes, you never have a chance to make another first impression. Impress potential buyers from the moment they get a glimpse of your home.

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