'Freeman-on-the-Land' Tenant Arrested

A man who called himself a "Freeman-on-the-Land" and declared a Calgary rental home as an embassy is now in police custody.

Andreas Pirelli was arrested without incident by Calgary police early Friday morning on as many as nine warrants issued by courts in Quebec. Police have not yet released the details of the warrants.

He will stay in police custody for up to six days before he is transported to Quebec, where he is known as Mario Antonacci.

Pirelli had rented a duplex home in Calgary from retiree Rebekah Caverhill in November 2011, but shortly after declared the unit an embassy and refused to leave.

Caverhill said she rented the property to Pirelli for reduced rent in exchange for his doing some renovations and maintenance. She claims he owes her as much as $10,000 in rent.

She also said he gutted the bathroom and kitchen, changed the locks and declared the home a sovereign embassy. He then sent her a bill for $26,000 for his work and put a lien on the house.

She said he ignored a previous eviction notice, arguing that he was part of the “Freemen-on-the Land” movement and that Canadian laws do not apply to him.

Pirelli was ordered earlier this week to pay the rent and utilities owed, as well as leave the duplex by 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

Also this week, a Montreal landlady said that Pirelli -- then going by Antonacci -- moved into her apartment in 2007 before he declared it as an embassy and stopped paying rent.

Jocelyne Malouf told The Canadian Press that he assaulted her after she threatened to call the police.

CTVNews.ca, Published, September 27, 2013.

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