Are Home Inspections Worth Your Money?

Are Home Inspections Worth Your Money?

Are home inspections, in Kelowna, worth the money that needs to be invested? That is one question a lot of new home buyers or sellers are asking. 

If you’re considering buying a property, one of the first things you should do would be hiring a respectable home inspector. The advantages are multiple. The most important one is that they will establish the real value of that property. You, as a buyer or seller, will know how much money you should be paying or receiving. 

The Purpose of Having a Home Inspection

Since a house is one of the biggest investments an individual makes during their lifetime, it should be treated with maximum care. That is why a home inspection is highly recommended. A property examination’s purpose is to offer the seller or buyer a report regarding its structural and mechanical soundness. As mentioned before, the real worth of that property will be established, as well as other repairs or replacements that may need some investments in the future. 

Not having an inspection done can lead to some serious financial problems and issues you were not aware of can emerge and burn a hole in your pocket. 

What Will Be Inspected?

Usually, an inspection takes a few hours. The inspector examines all the major systems such as the exterior and interior finishes, roofing, attic and visible insulation, foundation, basement and structural components, the electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors.



The examination ends up with comprehensive report offered to the client, indicating the issues found and a cost estimation for the repairs and replacements that should be done. 

Choosing a Good Home Inspector

Hiring a well-trained professional who will be in charge of such a significant task is one of the essential steps in having a property examined. You have to keep in mind a few important details. The inspector should have the required experience, training, and credentials. They should also be able to provide their unbiased opinion and warranties. Being part of a professional association is of high importance as well. To have a clearer view of the expert you’re going to work with, you can check the reviews of their services provided to other people. 

To sum it up, if you want to buy or sell a house for its real price or, as a buyer, foresee some real issues that will need big investments in the future, in Kelowna, home inspections are worth every penny. 

Find a certified inspector and you will pay the right price and be able to make a plan for the years to come. The unexpected difficulties will be minimized as you will know if there is a need for major repairs and how to maintain the house in good shape. For a full list of my recommended inspectors, please contact Danielle at 250-863-2433. 

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