Dryer Filter, B E W A R E....

WoW....hOw many times do you haul out your Dryer Filter, pull off the lint, shove it back in and hit play??? Well if this is your style around the dryer, then get another job or get ON the job. Next time you go by your dryer just for fun, pull your filter out out and run it under the tap. I would bet a dime to a dollar if you did this right now and came back, you'd say you had pools of water forming on top of the filter as it's so plugged it just sits there in a pool, and so if it won't let the water penetrate through, what about the air/heat that should be exhausting. We've all heard of dryers catching fire, and this simple act is what's causing a lot of the stir out there in the real world as the machines are simply overheating. All you have to do is periodically put the filter in the sink with a little soap & H2O, Take a gentle brush and give it a light scrubbing and rinse it off. After you let it dry and pop it back in the dryer ur off & running, it's just that easy. This simple exercise could save someone's life & that life could be yours~Dan, "the Man with a Plan" says maintenance in a house is no different than a car, boat or spouse. If you don't pay attention to detail, trouble will be in your future......Guaranteed~ Proper maintenance and upgrades will help to maintain the top value in your asset, and you'll get to enjoy something that is not worrying you all the time with breaking down along the way~Lots of Bling, fix all things & life will be much easier for one & all~

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