It's like the old saying, "you want her- you got 'er" this is all about U "GUTTERS" out there!

 You clean her, 'cause it's a U gut'r.. ~ Perhaps after this past windy weekend, the leaves around your Home are long gone from the trees & the gravitational forces have taken over. If so, then it's an excellent time to maintain what you can't see in your home & this exercise falls under the category of what's called " Yearly MAINTENANCE"~ Like the oil in your car...which in that case you pull the oil stick out to check the levels in your vehicle. But as for Gutter Control, well we all know that someone's gotta do the dirty deed of climbing the ladder & it's just to make sure that all your gutters & downspouts are clean & in good working order for the Fall, Winter & Spring Seasons that are lining themselves up yet again. Anything less than that little detail of yearly maintenance is setting yourself up for failure, Trust me ~ Dan, "the Man with a Plan says it's that time of the year yet again, & by doing so, you can fully trust that the water is getting to where it's intended for @ the end of the day. With a blockage along the way in the gutters or downspouts you will find you're gonna have excess water lying around your foundation which eventually leads to sneaking into small cracks in your foundation....then they freeze,...then they will spread & open up a little more year after year & then it will result in eventually flooding the basement in your Home!. ...GUARANTEED...So don't fall asleep at the wheel & all you have to do is to pick a nice day & get a hand to hold the ladder or let them do the dirty deed & you hold the ladder. Just Do It~ It's worthy of the time....Big Time! Be careful & be well~
As the rainy season takes hold in many parts of the country, follow these steps to care for your gutters so they can protect your house

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