JUNK in your TRUNK??? ~384.5398~is the secret number to call in Greater Moncton

Dan, "the Man with a Plan" says if you're thinking about cleaning the house, garage or trunk of the car, here's the p/u deal. Moncton's broke up into 5 sections and every week they cover a different section, so if you just missed it, you'll be in essence 5 weeks away. Keeping this in mind with a midnight Friday night as cut off date and you can call and/or fill out a form online I'm told as well if the phones are not open. You could perhaps keep the date and time of your reno's and/or putting your junk to the curb, to coincide with the pick up dates. This will avoid not having the junk to the curb for an extended length of time & blowing down the street into the neighbors yards. Just food for thought & keeping everyone in the loop, Be well....Danny



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