N.B. Power is offering up to help fix the costs of a basement that is open & has no insulation

INSULATING your basement walls for ZERO DOLLARS??? Yep, the cost is $3./sq. ft. to have the work done and N.B. POWER has a program that offers to pay $3./sq. ft. for R-30 7.5" thickness that will make all the difference in the world & knowing nothing comes for free from what I see you will have 2 costs @ the end of the day. The Devil's always in the details.... First is a Pre-Upgrade Evaluation through N.B. Power at a cost of $210.00 +hst. Then the Insulating company Advantage Insulators, for example comes over & does the assessment as a result of a recommendation from the report they did on your home......and they do more, they actually do your whole house in the report. And so say you bite on to have your basement insulated, from what I understand the 2nd cost is gonna be on the hst for the proposed job. This will be out of your pocket on top of the evaluation as well. So whatever the final number is that the company puts down is what gets rebated from N.B.Power, so that leaves you with the hst on the entire project out of pocket as a second & last cost. (measure the height x the length of the basement walls to figure out the square footage. then multiply x $3./sq. ft. then add on the hst & that'll be your 2nd number or cost out of pocket) So in the long run, this is a pretty good plan and will save you $$$ and a lot of energy costs will be saved. Plus your house will tighten up and be much warmer. You'll not regret the money that this project could return to you in the long run. This is a perfect storm for a completely unfinished basement where they just come in and spray. Dan, "the man with a Plan" says to look a little deeper into it for yourself if you'd like. If it's a lived in basement you may be having to put a covering on the insulation for toxic purposes and in case of a fire and the effects of the insulation & fumes, so do your due diligence, but a terrific opportunity if the shoe fits


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