4 Tips for a Luscious Summer Lawn

Summer is upon us... and with it, some hot days for even the hardiest of lawns. Keep these simple tips in mind to make sure you've got the best looking yard on the block no matter what the weather.

Find the right lawn for you
Whether you're landscaping for the first time, revitalizing your existing landscape or trying something new, check with your local lawn specialist for information on geographic zone, climate and water/sunlight/soil conditions to find the best match for your home.

Establish a watering routine
It seems like common sense, but the higher temperatures will affect your lawn's water needs. Frequent, light watering can result in weeds, fungus and a weak root system. Instead, water more deeply and less frequently - about an inch a week is a great target to aim for.

Fertilize with care
Like every living thing, your lawn needs to be fed. Finding the right fertilizer for your grass is a vital part of growing a lush, healthy lawn. A thick, well-fed carpet of grass will cool the soil, retain moisture and help your lawn stay vibrant throughout the summer.

Let it grow
A close-cropped lawn can look really sharp, but during the summer consider letting your grass go a little wild. Longer grass develops deeper, stronger root systems which are better able to withstand the dry spells and heat of the summer months. Set your mower for a higher setting than you might normally use and be sure not to leave anything sitting in one place on your lawn for too long.

With a little time and attention, your lawn will be picture perfect and ready for barbeques, outdoor fun and the envy of the neighbors all summer long.                                                                          

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