Winterizing your Cabin or Cottage

Another summer has come to an end and the temperatures are starting to dip, it’s time to think about winterizing your cabin or cottage. Here are a few tips on things to do:

  • Make sure the water is cut off at the source, then bleed pipe and water heater lines. If water is to be left on, winterize pipelines to prevent freezing.
  • Pour about 1 cup of anti-freeze down each drain in the sinks, bathtub, shower drains and laundry drains.
  • If you will be leaving some electrical appliances or other equipment on over the winter, unplug all appliances that will not be needed. If there are no electrical items that will be left on over the winter, turn off all electricity to the cabin.
  • If you have central air conditioning, cover the outside condenser. If you have a window air conditioning unit, wrap it well in insulation and cover with plastic.
  • Clean all of the gutters, downspouts and other drains so they will continue to do their job while you are away.
  • Check the roof air vents and foundation vents to be sure they are clear.
  • If you have a septic system, add a commercial septic treatment or enzyme product and leave to work its magic over the winter months.
  • If you have an irrigation system for the yard, be sure to blow it out following the manufacturer’s guidelines or have it done by a professional.

Taking time to properly winterize a cabin will go a long way in preventing cold weather problems so you can return worry free in the spring.

Darcy Sochan

Darcy Sochan

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