A Better 1st Impression of your home!

Make a Better First Impression

A home's exterior is the first feature guests & potential Buyers see. Make your exterior memorable and inviting with these creative, curb appeal-boosting ideas.

Don't Create Clutter

Clear clutter off the lawn and around your home's exterior, including hoses and hose reels, mismatched lawn ornaments, and kids' toys. Also, refrain from using the front porch as catchall for sporting equipment and gardening tools. Move these items into the garage, shed, or side porch when not in use

Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting helps your house look welcoming at night. If you have a roofed entryway outside your front door, add an outdoor ceiling fixture or a pair of lanterns. Even a partially enclosed area will make the most of low-wattage outdoor lighting and help deter intruders. Or light up and give prominence to features you're proud of including beautiful trees and architectural details.

Clean Up

Fix flaws, such as peeling paint, sagging gutters, cracked windows, missing roof shingles, and damaged siding that detract from your home's beauty. Rent a power washer -- from a local home improvement store -- to make windows and siding look like new again. Just be sure the surface you plan to wash can withstand it. Renew paved surfaces with a blast of water from a power washer as well.

Enhance the Entry

Make your home's front entrance an inviting focal point: Add a landscaping or a few nicely arranged container plants on either side of the front door or near the entry. Vary the plant and container sizes and arrange containers on multiple levels.

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