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Well, here it is -- 2016 has arrived with all of its new possibilities. We now have the opportunity to press the reset button and create an action plan that can lead us closer to our goals and vision. It is a natural time to reflect upon the year that has passed and think about the year ahead. As with any plan, it is helpful to examine what is and isn't working and to then adjust accordingly.

I encourage people to set goals as they have always helped me so much in my life and help so many others in their lives. 

 I am always looking for new ideas to help improve my goal setting and planning (I would love to hear any you would like to share) I have been preparing Business plans for over 2o years, but 5 years ago I started doing a life plan this has truly helped improve my Life and balance. 

That is why I am writing this blog and I am hoping you will enjoy what I have to share from my experience. Even More I hope it helps in your goal setting and life…..

 Pause for a moment, and take a look at your life. Be careful that you do not overwhelm yourself with a perfectionistic elaborate goal setting process. (I have done that)  Goals are achieved one step at a time; we need to put some thought into where we are in the moment in order to understand where we are going next.

Once we have put some thought into our lives and our vision for the future, the next steps are to identify and evaluate priorities and create a concrete plan to move forward. Take a moment and think about your health, your relationships with others, how you are using your time, and your financial goals and of course family and Professional life. In order to achieve this.  I offer some simple and practical points of reflection and planning strategies that I use and may help you reveal your priorities and assist you in moving forward.

1. Evaluate your relationships. Our connections can elevate or deflate us. What is the vision you have for the relationships in your life? Who would you like more time with? Which relationships feel balanced? Make a quick list with four categories headings -- "More," "Just Right," "Growth" and "Less" -- and then just start throwing names into the categories and see where they land. Do these names match the positions they actually hold in your life? Are there any changes you need to make? Pick one thing to change and then do it!

2. Evaluate your time. Time Management is critical to success in all areas of your life: What are your top three passions and interests? How much of your time is spent on the things that truly nourish you? Do a quick check and calculate how you spend a typical day. Does it match up to your priorities? Get out your schedule and actually mark time in the calendar for your top priorities. Make the schedule your friend, not your enemy. I use the calendar on my phone and laptop for this activity and schedule EVERYTHING with reminder pop ups:) as it helps me prioritize and experience the things that mean the most to me.

3. Evaluate your financial goals. Do not be afraid to look at this aspect of your life, as denial will only lead you further away from achieving you financial goals. I have learnt this the hard way. Does anything need to change? Are you on the right course? January is a great time to meet with your financial advisor to check in, review your plan and adjust it as needed. This is an example of "information is power": your choices will be empowered if you have the needed information. Each step forward takes you closer to your vision.

4. Evaluate your health:  How are you feeling physically and mentally? This is a great time to follow up on any of the self-care that you let slip.  (This is one of my top priorities that I have been struggling with and did not accomplish the last few years.)  If you don't take care of yourself its hard to do anything… but be kind to yourself as there is no movement in beating yourself up about what you have not done..  Make a list of the three health practices that bring you joy and growth, and then move towards these things that make you  feel alive and healthy and Happy. 

5. Family:   Remember to always schedule Family time and keep a balance between Family and Work. This can always be challenging but a great plan allows you to schedule your time effectively so when you are with your family you are 100% present and enjoying the moments. I feel when you reflect back on these memories they will be among the ones that matter most. 

6. Professional Business/Career: I was recently asked What Values Guide You in Your Real Estate Business? 

my answer is: Honesty Integrity and Professional reputation. I want Everyone to feel that I have exceeded their expectations when they work with me.  I am committed to quality service to earn my clients loyalty and referrals. I am passionate about helping people. I love being able to put a smile on someone's face and make their day a little brighter. Being able to help people with the biggest purchase of their life is very rewarding to me. In my experience As a realtor I pride myself on knowledge and professionalism. Words I was taught and live by: Treat other people how you want to be treated and Always keep learning, improving  and growing…….

I Encourage you to put a plan in place, but remember that life has an interesting way of throwing us curve balls along the way. It is the journey that truly matters. Stay mindful of the moments you are in, enjoy those you meet with along the way, and treat yourself well. Create a vision, but leave some wiggle room along the way for the unexpected.  


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