Thoughtful & Meaningful Gift Ideas

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of settling on the perfect gift – something that shows

how well you know the recipient and how much you care about your relationship with

them. And contrary to what advertisers will tell you, you don’t have to drop loads of cash

to find the right present. In fact, the most meaningful gifts are often the ones that cost 

less money, but take a little more thought, time, and creativity. Check out this list for gift 

ideas that tug at the heartstrings

1. Personalized Playlist or “Mixtape”

Burn a CD of songs that mean something to you and the recipient, make nifty cover art

with and print out a track listing.while giving a nod to old-school CDs Or, keep the gift

purely digital…

2. Coupon Books:

If you have a skill or some extra time, you have the makings of a super thoughtful gift.

Make a coupon book that the recipient can redeem for anything from guitar, to cooking

lessons, to back rubs, or even favors and help with errands and chores. Coupons don’t

have to be a romantic gift. If you plan to back them up, you can give anyone a book of

intentions for the future—walking their dog, babysitting for a night out.  I believe that joy passes on with the gift.

3. Poetic License

Express how you feel about the recipient with a poem or quote. Write it on heavy

cardstock (in your prettiest handwriting or typed) and frame it. (Even if you’ve never

crafted before, there’s lots of inspiration to be found online.) Two Christmases back, My

daughter wrote a poem for me. She listed all the reasons why she loves me and ended 

by calling me her hero. It’s not that hard to get me teary-eyed—I’m a big puddle of love—

but this touched me more than any other gift I have ever received. I will never forget

how much it meant to me that she appreciated all the little things I have done for her but

also took the time to write it.

4. Picture Video: 

Create a collection of photos use animoto or similar to create a stunning

video filled with meaningful pictures. You can even email this for friends & family you

can see at christmas.

5. Dinner Party for Two (or More)

You don’t have to be a master chef to make a delicious, inexpensive meal. Whip up a

loved one’s favorite meal and dessert.

6. Put a Quote on It

Choose a quotation that means something to your friend or loved one, or is significant

to your relationship, and get it lettered on a cool 8.5 x 11 print.

7. Photo Keepsake Book:

Print memorable photos , or create a photo book (shutterfly, Staples etc)

8. Your Own Well-Loved Book, Inscribed

Give a loved one your own dog-eared copy of your favorite book, along with a note

dedicated to them, as a touching and personal way to share with them.

9. Homemade Bath Scrub or Home Made Baking

‘Tis the season for warm baths and de-stressing soaks. Make a bath scrub and companion scrubbing mitt. Bake their favourite dish and put it in a christmas container or mason Jar. 

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas or inspiration. Merry Christmas!

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