10 Spring Curb appeal Ideas:




10 Simple Things; to improve the Curb appeal of Your Home this Spring


From simple upgrades to meticulous landscaping projects to replacing outdated fixtures, there are hundreds—of ways to enhance your home's appearance. The improvements shown here won't break the bank and can be completed quickly. 


Best of all, they'll make a dramatic difference that you'll appreciate every time you come Home.


1.  Lights that lead to your entryway welcome guests after dark while also increasing their safety. Soft exterior lighting also makes your home appear more inviting and friendly, and it can emphasize landscaping and any other features you want to call out to anyone approaching your front door. Plus, the lights improve security by reducing dark spots near your house.


2.  Installing a border along the driveway gives it a crisp, elegant look. Edging materials such as bricks, pavers, and stone, or a combination of them. 


3. Plant Flowers; Flowers along the sidewalk, in front of the house, inside flower boxes, pouring out of hanging baskets, or even in raised garden beds provide a giant boost to your curb appeal. Planting flowers is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to make a big impact.


4. Install New Garage Doors: Garage doors don't have to be drab or purely functional. Because they have such a commanding presence, upgrading to a new garage door can dramatically improve the way your home looks.


5. Upgrade Hardware:Don't overlook the simple things that improve curb appeal, such as changing the outdated lock and handle on your front door, replacing rusty light fixtures, and installing decorative house numbers. These accents provide subtle enhancements that help to define the home's overall look.


6. New Front Door: A fresh coat of paint can transform your front door and provide a more welcoming entryway into your house. Or consider replacing it altogether with one that adds some personality. There are myriad ranges of colours, styles, and options, including doors with decorative glass.


7. Trim Trees & Shrubs:  It doesn't matter how attractive your home is if no one can see it. Trees, branches, and shrubs can obscure your home's features and make it seem dark and uninviting. Plus, trees that rub against your house can damage your siding, shingles & limit the amount of direct sunlight you receive


8. Paint & repair trim: Paint any trim where paint is peeling, apply caulking and complete any exterior repairs needed to siding & exterior of Home. 


9.  Paint : Exterior & interior paint is the cheapest and best way to update a Home and add the Most Value. 


10. Clean…Clean.. Clean: Ensure your  grass is mowed & watered, all debris and leaves are cleaned and all outdoor toys and items are neatly stowed away in a shed. 


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