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The internet is unbelievable in the amount of potential it pertains. Over the last few years, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have exploded into main stream popularity. Not only are people using it for individual needs, but businesses have been adopting this trend as well.

We recently read an article created by Intel on what happens in an internet minute (Here is a link to said article What Happens in a Internet Minute). The results are surprising! The use of social media continues to grow at an unbelievable rate from year to year. The following list reveals some of what happens in just one internet minute:

  • ·         2 million searches on Google
  • ·         320+ Twitter accounts created
  • ·         1.3 millions views on YouTube
  • ·         204 million emails sent
  • ·         100,000 Tweets sent
  • ·         277 million Facebook logins
  • ·         6 million Facebook Views


No wonder why businesses are focusing on digital marketing and social media. These statistics - all within one minute! It's unbelievable what happens in such a short time frame.  CENTURY 21's new slogan, Connected to More, is embracing this trend. This slogan promotes that the CENTURY 21 brand is not only on the cutting edge of technology, but also offers unparalleled service. By embracing the future with the use of social marketing tools, we establish new connections and build relationships. The future is here, embrace it. Get blogging, tweeting, Facebooking... get connected to the future!

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