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Little Britain is located on lots 15 and 16 , between concession 4 and 5 of Mariposa County. The four corners sit just west of the junction point between the Mariposa Brook and another small tributary which flows in from the west. As history tells it what we call Eldon Rd was once an old grain Route connecting Oakwood to Port Hoover with not even a bridge until shortly after 1834 When Harrison Haight Settled in what is known to us as modern day Little Britain. He with help from the community erected the first Mill in Mariposa. Once the area was cleared of its heavy timber it was easy to see just as its neighbouring settlement of Oakwood the soils surrounding Little Britain would allow for a prosperous town.

By the pioneer period of 1850, Mr Robert F Whiteside had risen as the villages leader and chief merchant. By 1853 the town had 2 Churches and a Post Office. By year 1888 Little Britain had risen to be the largest business centre in the Township. Local Business’s included;

  • Joseph Maunder's carriage and blacksmithing work.
  • Maunder's sash, door and planing factory and shingle mill
  • Edwin Mark's foundry and implement works
  • Isaac Finley's steam roller flour mill
  • Davidson's flour mill

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