The day after an election should be the best real estate day of the year

Historically at election time the real estate market tends to slow down.  That’s understandable - People are unsure of what might happen and so they pull back, hole up and wait.  But if you think about it – the day following election should then be the busiest real estate day of the year.  Motivation should be at an all-time high!

If your candidate won you probably want to celebrate – how better to do that than investing in a great new home for you and your family. 

Conversely if your candidate lost you may feel like it’s time to get out of Dodge – what better time to put your home on the market and make a move to greener pastures?

How about Economics?  Feel like good financial times are here?  Are appreciating property values just on the horizon?  What better time to upgrade to a bigger, fancier home.  Or maybe you’re thinking that the whole economy is going down the tank in a hurry – wouldn’t it be best to get the liquidity out of your real estate assets sooner than later?

How about Employment?  If job creation is the order of the day – where are these new employees going to live?  Would investing in rental housing stock give you future income streams? 

How about Government Policies?  What will happen to programs like the Home buyers plan going forward?  You can still take advantage of it today but you can’t be sure about tomorrow.

How about Interest Rates?  Are they getting ready to start moving up?  What better time to lock into a longer term mortgage?  Are they moving down?  What better time to enjoy some leverage on a real estate investment?

No matter whether you’re the buyer, the seller, or the investor – don’t miss out on the opportunities presenting themselves today.  And if you’re looking for some expert advice – just give me a call, text, or email – Whether Buying or Selling - I’m here to help!

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