Recently Tracey Dickson and I (Dave Pinnell Jr) attended the OPEN HOUSE that Waste Management held in Napanee to help us understand their Vision.  Although Tracey and I have always been in support of our local "Dump" we felt that it is important for us as Realtors, to hear first hand the plan so we can effectively answer the questions that will arise from you, our clients.

We were given a hand out, and with the permission of Randy Harris (Facility Manager of the Beechwood Road Environmental Centre) I have typed it here in my blog word for word.  If you would like your own copy of this brochure, please do not hesitate to contact me via email a dave.pinnelljr@century21.caor visit the Environmental Centre's website at  Thank you.



Waste Management is proposing a new, integrated multi-purpose waste management facility to service the Town of Greater Napanee and surrounding region.

The Beechwood Road Enviromental Centre will focus on waste diversion, diverting as much waste as possible away from disposal to reuse and recycling purposes.  It will also include additional lands set aside for community recreational purposes and wildlife habitat as well as a state-of-the-art, environmentally engineered landfill for disposal of residual waste while generating clean renewable energy.

Waste Management has a strong commitment to the Town of Greater Napanee, it's immediate neighbours and the surrounding communities.  This commitment extends beyond just meeting regulatory standards to being a responsible environmental steward and engaged corporate citizen.



Waste Diversion is the primary focus of the Beechwood Road Environmental Centre.  This Facility represents an Entirely new approach to managing waste in our region.  The proposed facility is focused on dividing materials into distinct streams that will allow us to maximize re-use, recovery and recycling opportunities.  This represents a significant step forward in how we can reduce our dependence on disposal and make our region a leader in Ontario in responsible waste management.

The propsed facility will be aligned with the Town of Greater Napanee's long-term waste management goals and the province's environmental values and policy statements relating to zero waste, climate change and green energy creation.

To pursue this vision, this facility will include a number of industrial, commercial and residential waste diversion operations that will maximize the value of the resources we receive.  These include:

MATERIAL RECYCLING FACILITY: The recycling facility will house the latest technology to sort and process paper, glass, plastics, metals and electronics that can be processed into products.  The facility will help divert thousands of tonnes of material from disposal, reducing the need for new resources to create products.

The facility will also include a depot for electronic waste handling.

CONSTRUCTION and DEMOLITION MATERIAL FACILITY: this facility will receive construction and demolition materials for re-use and recycling.  Many of the materials are valuable and can be re-used, thereby avoiding disposal

RESIDENTIAL DIVERSION FACILITY:  this facility will allow local residents to drop off household hazardous and electronic waste and household recyclables including scrap wood, plastic, metal, paper, drywall. concrete, paints and more.  These recyclables will be transported to the material recycling or construction and demolition facilities for processing.

ORGANICS PROCESSING FACILITY: The organics processing facility will have the capacity to recieve and process compostable waste from industrial, comercial and institutional sources.

"Today, our region diverts less than 30 percent of waste away from disposal.  We believe out Environmental Centre will help significantly increse the percentage of material that we can divert for re-use and recycling" Linda Cooper (Community Relations Representative, Beechwood Road Environmental Centre)



ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The Beechwood Road Environmental Centre will create up to 75 new, green jobs in waste diversion, disposal and green energy facility.  Economic benefits will also extend to the larger community through community host agreements, as well as funds to support local projects.  In addition, revenue opportunities will be created from waste diversion activities for local suppliers and contractors will also benefit.  There will be millions of dollars invested in the construction phases and our preference is to use local suppliers and contractors wherever possible.

RECREATION: Waste Management's current landfill operation has extensive non-operational lands.  Some space will be required to support the facility's operation, but other lands will be dedicated for community uses that could include sports fields, biking and hiking trails and a leash-free dog park.  Community input will be an important part of determining the ultimate use of these areas.  Residents and community leaders have told us they value increasing the amount available recreational and community lands, and we are responding be setting aside space surrounding our operations for dedicated community use.

WILDLIFE HABITAT: An on-site wildlife habitat centre has been opened to the public and will continue to serve as an education centre for the community.  Our existing seven-acre wildlife preserve provides a habitat for numerous species of birds and other wildlife, and our on-site learning centre is used by the general public, community groups, as well as primary schools and post secondary institutions.  There are a number of wildlife and habitat initiatives occurring at the site, including nesting boxes, our Learning Centre with interactive displays and a variety of programs available to the public.  We plan to expand these through collaborations with Ducks Unlimited and the Napanee Rod and Gun Club.  We also plan to expand our outdoor educational programs with local schools and service organizations.  Our current landfill facility has received international recognition for its contribution to wildlife habitat conservation in the form of a Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) certification in 2006.  Waste Management is the only waste management company in Canada to receive WHC certification.

"The propsed Beechwood Road Environmental Centre Builds on our long standing commitment of being an engagedand responsible corporate citizen to create sgnificant community and economic benefits"  Rick Semeniuk (District Manager for Eastern Ontario, Waste Management.)


-Material Recycling Facility

-Construction and Demolition Recycling Facility

-Organics Processing Facility

-Residential Diversion Facility

-Up To 75 Green Jobs

-Community Lands for Parks and Recreation

-Expanded Lands for Wildlife Habitat

-Environmentally Engineered Landfill

-Landfill Gas to Energy Facility



The new landfill will be constructed on a new area within the current site, using the latest technology and processes to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency.  This will include a liner system, leachate collection and monitoring system to continuously protect ground and surface water.  A gas collection system to capture the landfill gas will also be included.

The new landfill will accept a significantly smaller amount of waste that was previously propsed.  When Beechwood Road Environmental Centre begins operations, the existing landfill will be closed, capped with natural grasses and monitored.  The community will be consulted on opportunities for future uses for the closed facility.

CLEAN, RENEWABLE ENERGY FROM LANDFILL GAS: the facility will also include a state-of-the-art landfill gas to energy facility that will collect landfill gas and convert them into clean, renewable energy.  The facility will ba able to generate six megawatts of electricity, enough to power the equivalent of 6,000 homes a year.  This same technology will be used at the old, closed landfill site to create enough energy to power a greenhouse that will be constructed for community use.  Landfill gas is created naturally through the decomposition of waste in landfills.  Like wind and solar power, landfill gas is a natural resource that can be harnessed to produce clean energy.  It is a readily available, renewable, reliable, and economical form of energy that reduces our use of fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

"The Beechwood Road Environmental Centre will include a new, state-of-the-art, environmentally engineered landfill that will receive materials that cannot be diverted towards re-use, recovery or recycling"  Randy Harris (Facility Manager, Beechwood Road Environmental Centre)


We're Ready for those Tough Questions..."The Views and opinions of our neighbours and the surrounding communities will be an important part of development of the proposed project"


Our current facility is reaching it's approved capacity.  Waste Management has used the region's population projections per capita, waste generation rates, proposed diversion objectives and disposal capacity to determine the projected future waste quantities generated by the Town of Greater Napanee and surrounding region.  Base on our estimates, we have identified a need for for a disposal site within Eastern Ontario with an annualized solid waste intake of up to 400,000 tones per year for approximately 20 years of non-hazardous industrial, commercial and residential waste.


The terms of Reference, once approved by the Minister of Environment, provides the framework for conducting and evaluating the Environmental Assessment (EA).  The first round of Public consultations we are initiating relate to the Terms of Reference.


An Environmental Assessment is a decision-making process used to promote good environmental planning by assessing the potential impacts of certain activities or projects on the environment before construction takes place.  In Ontario, environmental impacts can include environmental, social, cultural or economic changes.  The Terms of Reference specify the study scope for the EA.


We will not be accepting residential waste fron Toronto as they have purchased their own landfill.


The Beechwood Road Environmental Centre will focus on waste diversion, diverting as much waste as possible away from disposal to reuse and recycling purposes.  It will will also include additional  lands set aside for community recreational purposes and wildlife habitat as well as state-of-the-art, environmentally engineered landfill for disposal of residual waste while generating clean renewable energy.

******************GET INVOLVED******************

The landfill component of the proposed Beechwood Road Environmental Centre will require an Environmental Assessment (EA), which investigates the environmental impacts of a project, as well as the social and economic impacts.  As part of the EA process, public consultation is required before construction begins.

We are at the very beginning of the Environmental Assessment process, which begins with the Terms of Reference.  The Terms of Reference are essentially the work plan for what is going to be studied and how we consult with the community during the Environmental Assessment.  The first round of Public consultations we are initiating relate to the Terms of Reference.

It is important to note that the Terms of Reference is a proposed document.  It is not intended to include EA study results.  The work and studies for the Environmental Assessment are not done at the Terms of Reference stage.  More information about the Environmental Assessment process can be found at :


your views and opinions, as well as your concerns and issues, will provide valuable insight and will help our decision-making for the project's development.  We need your input.  Your Contributions make a difference.  You Can participate online and/or by attending one of our public open houses or workshops.  At these sessions, you can learn more about the proposed Beechwood Road Environmental Centre, hear explanations of the components of the Terms of Reference and the process for the Environmental Assessment.  You will also have the opportunity to provide your opinions, views and concerns, and to discuss then directly with the members of the Waste Management project Team.  We hope you are able to participate and we welcome your views.


Throughout consultation process, we will collect, compile, and tabulate all comments provided by members of the community.  A report of the consultation process and results will be prepared and will become part of the public record of the EA


Visit our website : or watch for ads in local newspapers for dates and times for community open houses.  Or you can call us at 613-388-1057


Once again the above are not my words, but were taken from a brochure proved to me by Waste Management, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me, Dave Pinnell Jr. (Sales Representative) for Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate limited Napanee, office phone 613-354-4347 or my cellular 613-328-7213 or my email at

Thank you.






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