Spring is a popular time for home renovations.  To help minimize disputes with your contractor and ensure your project goes smoothly, your contract should include the following details:

- the contactor's name, address, phone number, and, where appliciable, his/her professional license number.

- a description of the work to be done, including who will be doing the it, what equipment will be used or    installed and a materials list specifying things like the quantity, grade, brand, size, weight, colour, and model numbers.

-The total price, and a break down of all labour costs and material changes.

-The dates by which the project is to be started and completed, as well as any penalties to be incurred by the contractor should the work not begin or end on time.

-What time the work will start and end each day

-Who will be responsible for obtaining permits and arranging necessary inspections.  In most cases, you'll want this to be the contractor's responsibilty.

-how clean up and debris removal will be handled (who will be responible and when it will be done.

-what will happen in event the contractor is unable to finish to job or does any damage to your property in the process, or if the work is deemed unsatisfactory.

-Any Warranties covering materials and workmanship, including their length and limitations.

-a cancellation clause giving you time (typically three days) to change your mind after you've signed the contract

-a payment schedule detailing how and when you must pay for the work, any circumstances in which you may withhold payment.

this is just the tip of the iceburg when dealing with renovations, if you are thinking about renovating your home to sell, please do not hesitate to contact me, Dave Pinnell jr, Sales Representative, Century 21Lanthorn Real Estate, Napanee, My cellular is 61-328-7213, office 613-345-4347 and my email is






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