Your Entryway is the first thing you and your guests (and potential buyers) see when entering your home.  To learn how to create a foyer that functions well and makes a great impression.....Keep Reading !!!!

Starting from the ground up, consider your flooring.  Because entryways are high traffic areas, you'll want something durable and easy to clean, lick hardwaood, laminate or tile.  For the "WOW" factor, go fo natural stone, slate, marble or granite....Pricey, but a foyer is a great place to splurge since it's  usually a relatively small area to cover.  Consider area rugs too, they help protect your floor, stifle noise, and lend warmth to hard surfaces.

A place to set down things like keys, mail, cell phones as soon as you walk in the door is a must.  If you foyer is large enough, a table right in the middle looks impressice.  For those with smaller entryways, a proportional table or even narrow wall mounted shelving will provide enough space to stow such items.

If your entryway doesn't have a closet, where will you store your coats and footwear?  Larger foyers can accommodate an armoire or hall tree.  Smaller spaces can be outfitted with small mat or an attractice shoe rack so guests know where to put their footwear.  Items like coats, hats nd umbrellas can be hung on a freestanding coat rack or attractive wall mounted hooks.

Seating is another essential element of any fabulously functional foyer.  Many people like to sit down when putting on or removing footwear.  Where space allows, bench style seating is great, especially when it incorporates under seat storage, convenient for keeping things like gloves, leashes and bike helmuts handy but hidden.  Many hall trees incorporate bench seating with storage.  In small, tight fit entryways, a chair will do the trick, opt for an armless one with a slim profile.

A mirror is every entryway's must have accessory.  In small entryways, mirrors create the illusion of morespace, in dark entryways, they help brighten things up, and in all entryways, they're handy for giving yourself the "once over" before going out.  Consider istalling a floor to ceiling mirrorr on one wall of a small entryway to help open it up.

Last but not least, your entryway should be well lite.  You dont want shadows, lest anyone trip upon entering or exiting your home, or party guests to struggle distinguishing their pair of black shoes from a half a dozen other pairs by the door.  Overhead lighting with a dimmer switch is ideal, so you can switch between mood and fuctional lighting.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this Blog, if you have any questions or concerns about what should be done to help get your house ready for sale, please do not hesitate to contact me, Dave Pinnell Jr of Century 21 lanthorn Real Estate Napanee, my cell is 613-328-7213, offive 613-354-4347 or my email




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