Napanee Pool Taskforce gets the Green Light

On Tuesday October 13, 2015 during the regular Napanee Town Council Meeting, A staff Report to Council was presented by Peter Dafoe and Vicki Hallam on behalf of the Napanee Pool Taskforce.

Dave Pinnell Jr of Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate (also a member of the Napanee Pool Taskforce) attended the meeting.

Town council heard the results of our summer long survey and were impressed with the numbers that they extended our Terms of Reference and also extended the current Taskforce committee members mandate to December 31, 2016 !

I hear you are saying what does this mean, well it means that the findings of the survey showed that 2703 surveys were completed, with 93.62 % of the people saying they are in favour of an indoor pool, and 58% of the people said they would use the pool weekly.  One o the questions on the survey asked if you would support a small tax increse to help support the pool and 77% of the respondents said yes.

Town Council heard this, heard the voice of the residents and have given us the Green light to move on to the next phase, and as our Taskforce have been doing such a great job, have elected to continue with the current members !


Great Job done by All !

Dave Pinnell Jr.

Dave Pinnell Jr.

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