Things FSBO companies don't want consumers to know PART 2 by Dave Pinnell Jr of Century 21 Lanthorn R.E. LTD Napanee

This is Part two of three so tune in tomorrow to see the last Blog in this series, so continuing on with What FSBO companiies don't want YOU the consumer to know

4) THEY CAN'T PUT YOUR HOME ON THE MLS SYSTEM...The MLS system was built by Realtors® by Realtors®.  No one is allowed to list a property on it unless they have a license to trade in Real Estate.  These Websites will just refer you to an agent (How Ironic), often one frm the other side of the country, to put your home on the MLS and nothing else.  In most cases the listing won't even be on your local MLS board, making it sometimes hard to find.

5) THEY ACTUALLY PETITION AGENTS TO SELL THEIR HOUSE....After years of bashing the professional, certain For Sale By Owner websites are now calling on Agents to come to their rescue, so they can take the credit for selling homes.  Tell me another business model where you ask your competition to do the work for you.  This is really an admission of one thing-serious buyers go to an AGENT !!, Why? becasue it will cost them nothing to buy through an Agent.

6) THEY DON'T HAVE A REAL ESTATE AGENT...This is something a lot of people dont relize.  These so called "Private Sale" websites are just that.  They are not licensed to trade in real estate or give you real estate advice.  They can't even advise you on how to price your property becasue doing this would fall under AGENCY Relationship and would be considered trading in real estate.  That requires a license.  These parameters are set in place to protect YOU...the Consumer !


That sums up Part 2 of the 3 part Blog, please tune in Tomorrow for Part 3


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