Tracey and Dave from Century 21 Lanthorn in Napanee Enjoy April Fools with MyFm know its going to go to bed thinking the night before that what you may hear in the morning may not be truthful, you go to sleep and when you awake....Bamm !!!! you totally forgot how prepared you were and you get Fooled.

Ok so this really  didn't happen to Tracey Dickson and Dave Pinnell Jr of Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate in Napanee as if you know us at would have figured it out that we somewhat have an inside edge when it comes to the fine people at MyFm Radio 88.7.  We knew this was going to happen..but NOT in the Magnitude that Jamie Cybulski too it to !!!! Great Job Jamie and MyFm.

Take a listen to this REAL interview with the Leader of the NDP Party Jack Layton.  In now way am I suggesting that my political views are with or against the NDP (I wish to keep this opinion to myself) however I will Say that JACK you are quite a sport !!!.  Have a listen and enjoy !!!

Dave Pinnell Jr.

Dave Pinnell Jr.

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