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First – you have to find a good agent. One who cares about getting you the most money for your home before they get a commission. If you discuss these questions first, before you sign a listing agreement – you will get a feeling for the quality of an agent. Bring them up and discuss the answers.


1.       Does the house or any part of the house need painting?


2.       Should I re-seed the lawn and get my landscaping in top shape?


3.       What about the screens? What about the windows?


4.       Does the carpet need cleaning? How about replacing?


5.       Should the pets be under control at all times?


6.       Are the appliances something that we should include?


7.       Should I stay out of a prospective buyer’s way?


8.       What is the buyer’s first impression of the exterior of our house? What can I do to improve it?


9.       What is the buyer’s first impression as they step inside my house? What can I do to improve it?


10.     Since the buyer will be looking in the closets, should I take some of the clothes out to make them look        roomier?


11.     Can I take items from the kitchen cabinets to make them more spacious?


12.     Is there any furniture that I could store or dispose of to make the rooms appear larger?


13.     Do any cabinets need to be touched up or refinished?


14.     Should I give you a list of things that my family likes about the house and the neighborhood?


15.     What about the door mats? Should I replace them with new ones that are neutral and omit our family’s name?


16.     Should I remove an ornate item that a buyer may want as a part of the house? For example, a special chandelier? Or a wall system?


17.     Should I ask you for a list of recommendations prepared specifically for helping market my home?


18.     Is the price and terms offered going to appeal to most of the buying public in my price range?


19.     Do I need to be aware of other houses similar to mine also being offered for sale?


20.     Are the garage and storage areas as clean and neat as they should be?


21.     Before spending needless time and money, could I have a list of items to fix in priority of importance?


Now you either have a good idea how to prepare your home for top dollar or you have an agent who has a funny look on their face. You can skip a step if you’d like because I wrote the questions and I know the answers!

If you are looking for a Team with Top Real Estate Sales Representatives, then Give Tracey Dickson and Dave Pinnell Jr. of Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Limited a call.  We will give you the service you EXPECT and DESERVE !!!

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