Sometimes it's a home's condition or location that turns buyers away.  But, on occasion, it's the very seller's themselves who put buyers off.  Don't sabotage your own home sale.....Here is a list of things NOT to do !!

LINGER DURING SHOWINGS AND OPEN HOUSES: though unitentionally, your presence might distract buyers and make them feel like they're intruding.  As such, they're more likely to rush through your home without getting a good look at it.  The best solution is for you not to be home, if you can help it.

MAKE YOUR HOME HARD TO SHOW: insisting buyers make appointments, requiring 24 hours notice, canceling appointments, deciding against a lock box or not giving your Real Estate representative keys....these decisions make your property harder to view.  And if buyers can't see your home, they won't buy it

REFUSE TO NEGOTIATE: refusing to negotiate can give buyers the impression that you're not serious about selling your home.  And if you're not serious about selling, buyers may worry that they're wasting their time, and move on to make an offer where the owners are willing to play ball.

TAKE OFFENSE: Whether it's due to a negative comment a buyer makes about your decor, or an offer you feel is too low, don't get offended.  When you let your emotions get the better of you, you risk saying or doing something you'll regret....sending buyers running.

SAY ANYTHING THAT MIGHT OFFEND BUYERS: Though that's a broad statement, because it's difficult to know what buyers will take offence to, you should let your Real Estate Sales Representative do the talking.

So please, if you are looking to buy or sell your house, use a professional Sales Representative like me, Dave Pinnell Jr.  Do not hesitate to contact me on my Cellular at 613-328-7213, my office 613-354-4347, or by email at remember...Tracey and Dave !!! you've heard of us, now get to know us !!!





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