Key items to check before calling your heating specialist if the furnace goes out

Well, the season is upon us now. Brrr, winter is settling in. You come home from work on a Friday night, the weather is dreadfully cold, you are looking forward to relaxing in your warm and cozy home.You open the door and receive a chilly reception. But not from your partner or spouse. The furnace has stopped working.

So, before you call your heating specialist, there are a few key items to check before you call, to save yourself a service call.

1. Check that the thermostat is set to "auto" and "heat".

2. Check that the emergency shut off switch hasn't been inadvertently switched off.

3. Check the furnace filter. This is the #1 cause of furnace shut down. If it is dirty and clogged, it will restrict air flow. If dirty, replace.

4.If your home has a high efficiency heating system, go out side and check the intake and out take pipes. Make sure they are clear of snowbanks. The out take sometimes can produce an icicle that impedes the air flow exhaust. Also check the in take pipe for any hoar frost that can build up inside the pipe.

5. Flip the breaker switch for the furnace, sometimes, just like the computer in your home, it needs a reboot.

If all these check out, then call your heating specialist.

Cheers, and stay warm!!!

Dave Price

Dave Price

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