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Shuswap Lake

Shuswap Lake

A Perfect Blend of Spectacular Scenery ... Endless Recreation and Unsurpassed Quality of Life.

Shuswap Lake lies midway between Vancouver to the west and Calgary to the east along the Trans Canada Highway. It is approximately 5.5 hour driving to either city. 

Situated in the British Columbia interior, Shuswap is fortunate to share in similar climate to that of the Okanagan Valley, making it the perfect year-round recreational destination.

Shuswap Lake is among 21,000 lakes in BC but one of the very few lakes warm enough for easy summer swimming.  The shoreline estimates vary, but most say it has approximately 1000 kilometers of shoreline.  When full, the Shuswap Lake covers 78,720 acres and is at an elevation of 1131 feet.  Hundreds of residents around the Shuswap take their drinking water directly from the lake.  Shuswap Lake boasts a 25 foot clear vision and replenishes every 11 months.  The Shuswap is an impressive setting with quiet waters, surrounded by mountains, rivers, forest and farmlands.

An average summer day will see the lake very calm at sun-up and fishermen enjoying  the start of the day.  Mid-morning to mid-afternoon you can expect a light ripple on the lake, ideal for power boaters and watersports.  Late afternoon a bit of a breeze will pick up and the sailing crowd are out to catch the wind.  Late evening through to sunset the lake is usually calm again.  In the winter the lake has been known to freeze completely, but this only occurs every 6 to 10 years.

The lake offers easy access at many public locations through crown land and there are a great many parks to enjoy. 

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