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Garden Grove

Garden Grove is located in the northern region of Winnipeg and is bounded on the north by Inkster Blvd, on the west by Brookside Blvd, on the south by the CN Railway and on the east by many streets including Finestone St and Kurt Ave. These communities are close to the area’s many industrial parks and are therefore convenient to those working there. The community is also dotted with a number of small lakes and medium-sized parks.

Garden Grove is home to over 2,100 homes. Please see the Interactive Property Map for more information.

Garden Grove is managed by the Winnipeg School Division and includes three schools; Garden Grove School (N-6), Prairie Rose Elementary (N-6) and Stanley Knowles School (N-8). For students attending high school there are options (find schools in your area).

There are several small plazas along Keewatin Street, though residents typically head to McPhillips Street where there are several larger shopping malls.

This neighbourhood is home to the Tyndall Park Community Centre which provides indoor and outdoor recreational and leisure opportunities all year around. To the east of Garden Grove is a movie theatre on McPhillips Street, and the McPhillips Street Station casino. To the northwest, golfers will find The Player’s Course, Swinger’s Driving Range, and skiers will find Little Mountain Park. The community is not far from the Old Exhibition Grounds, now a park area with several recreational facilities, and the Western Canadian Aviation Museum.

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