Checklist for Home Renovations

The start of a new year is a great time to delve into your to-do list and start crossing things off before the motivation starts to slip. Your home reno to-do list might look overwhelming and scary but don’t let the unfinished jobs of 2018 haunt you. Follow this checklist so you can prioritize your home renovations.


1. Initial Assessment

Clean out anything you don’t need so you can properly assess what needs to be done. This includes getting into the deep, dark corners of your cupboards to check for mold and water damage.


2. Safety first
As nice as it is to dream about that new kitchen backsplash, safety should take top priority when planning renos. Go through this list to see what your top priorities should be:

3. Develop a Budget

Now that you know what the damage is, establish your budget for repairs. Be realistic and factor in that home renos often cost more than what you originally budgeted for. Remember, you don’t have to fix everything this year, focus on the most important repairs for 2019.


4. Assess your abilities
We are all for DIY but there are some projects you simply shouldn’t do yourself. Decide what you can do yourself and what should be done by a contractor. It can be hard to know what to look for in a good contractor so here is a list of questions to ask a contractor before you hire them:

  • Do they take on projects of your size?
  • Can they give you a list of previous clients?
  • How many other projects would they have going at the same time?
  • How long have they worked with their subcontractors?
  • How flexible are their work schedules?

Enjoy the “fun stuff”

5. Enjoy the “fun stuff”   Once all the important projects are taken care of and it’s time for the fun stuff like remodeling and decorating. For a quick but dramatic change, paint/ wallpaper an accent wall. Cleaning/ dusting will work absolute wonders to brighten your house and it won’t cost you a dime.



Remember a post-project analysis  6. Remember a post-project analysis
The reality of home renos is that the work is never done. Take note of how much you spent on each project and the date that you completed the renovation. For DIY projects evaluate the time, effort and money spent on the project and assess if next time you should invest in a contractor. If you hired a professional, do a thorough evaluation of the work and projected vs. real costs. Write your post-project analysis down and keep it safe for the next reno so you don’t make the same mistakes twice!


Not sure where to start? Don't hesitate to give me a call as to recommendations on which projects should be the priorities as well as what your spending limits should be based on style of your home & neighbourhood.


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