Barrhaven on the Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB) Multiple Listing Service - MLS®

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) is the primary tool Realtor's use to market and promote their listing inventory to other Realtor's and the public. Many consumers think that the online public websites they see is the MLS® but in fact it is just a subset of the information that is presented on MLS®.  Access to MLS® is restricted to licensed Realtor's and is operated by the local real estate board.  

In our local area the MLS® is operated by the Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB).  The information on the MLS® for Ottawa and area can be viewed at or  These 2 public websites contain information valuable to the public looking to buy and sell real estate in Ottawa but is only a small amount of data compared to the full MLS®.  The public will only see active listings, homes currently for sale while Realtor's see actives, conditionally sold and sold listings.  The database contains information going back as far as 1995.

The MLS® breaks the region down into area codes and neighbourhoods to make it searchable and manageable. These neighbourhoods have numeric codes and also names.  Realtor's are required, under MLS® rules and regulations, to submit homes for sale into the correct neighbourhood code and property type i.e. A condominium must be listed as a condominium and if it's located on Thistledown Crescent, Barrhaven it would be placed in 7701.

To help you located properties in the desired area of Barrhaven and to assist in future blog posts about statistical records I have including a picture of the areas of Barrhaven and the corresponding MLS® district and neighbourhood codes.  Below the picture is a list of the these codes with the corresponding community names assigned by the MLS®.

Barrhaven on the MLS® of the Ottawa Real Estate Board

  • 7701 Barrhaven - Pheasant Run
  • 7702 Barrhaven - Knollsbrook-The Meadows
  • 7703 Barrhaven - Cedargrove/Fraserdale
  • 7704 Barrhaven - Heritage Park
  • 7705 Barrhaven - On the Green
  • 7706 Longfields
  • 7707 Barrhaven - Hearts Desire
  • 7708 Barrhaven - Stonebridge
  • 7709 Barrhaven - Strandherd
  • 7710 Barrhaven - East
  • 7711 Half Moon Bay

For long time residents of Barrhaven some of these names may be familiar or could also be names they have never heard of or used.  The MLS® system tried to select names that made geographic and community sense.  In most cases is does a very good job but in some areas the public and Realtor's might not agree or like the area they are located in.  Remember that the MLS® system dates back some 75 years so some communities where named a long time ago and have changed dramatically over the years.  In fact, in Barrhaven, when I first started selling Real Estate (1989) there were only 5 neighbourhood codes and now there are 11.  

Watch this blog for upcoming monthly data on sales, prices, listings and more in our community - Barrhaven.

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