Home Inspector Accountability?

Home Inspections have become almost a standard feature for most home buyers in the marketplace today and are something that I advise all my clients to get as a condition in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, regardless of the age or type of home.

Recently, I had a listing that had a roof replaced 8 years earlier.  We received an offer on the home conditional upon a home inspection.  The home inspection was completed and we received an amendment from the buyers.  There were two issues with the home.  The first issue was that the roof needed to be replaced because in the opinion of the Home Inspector the original shingles on the home had been covered by the new shingles and this would result in the life of the new roof being significantly reduced.  He suggested they would need a new roof with a year.  The second issue was some concerns about the electrical system and set up in the home.  There were a few issues, reversed polarity in outlets in the basement, ground wire connection, and the fact that the home inspector could access the electrical panel to look at it.

The amendment requested a $5,000 reduction in price for the roof and that the home owner have an electrical inspection done and complete all deficiencies at their expense. 

I discussed this with my clients and they refused to reduce the price.  They had had the roof repaired 8 years earlier and they had used a reputable roofer.  They had been home when the roofing was done and they recalled the roof was stripped down to the sheathing, before ice protection and shingles were installed.  A quick phone call to the roofing company (yes still in business 8 years later) confirmed that they had stripped the roof when they replaced it.  By now the buyers have changed their minds and don't want the house they believe their Home Inspector!!

Now the question comes up "How can my sellers hold this inspector accountable?"  They didn't hire him but his erroneous information has led to them losing a sale.  Stay tuned i am in discussions with the owner of the franchise he works for and if unstatisfied with the response will look to the assocaition that certified him if he is in fact certified.

I would like to hear from you.  Have you had an inspection go wrong and what happened?  Are you a home inspector or agent?, if so what are your thoughts on this matter

Look for my next post with suggestions on how to find a good home inspector.


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