The BEST House?

If you are buying you need to be informed of prices, neighbourhoods and house styles and how they will impact your quality of life and the long term investment that you are making. 

I recently worked with a buyer who fell in love with a house that we all felt was priced a little high.  We looked closely at the comparables and all things considered the house should have been listed about $10,000 less than the owner's asking price, but the buyer bought it. 

Why did they pay more?  Because of all the homes they had seen they liked this one the best, because the location was excellent for their work and lifestyle and because over the 5-7 years they expected to be in the home the additional few thousand they paid for it, they believed was worthwhile.

A house is an investment and that should always be kept in mind when buying, but it is also the place you will call home.  Getting the best deal doesn't always mean you will get the best house and getting the best house is what you really want. Need help finding the BEST HOUSE for you call us, we can help.

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