Nest or nest egg?

Is your home your nest or your nest egg? It should be both. Your home is a nest for both you and your accumulated wealth. Your accumulated wealth could be your spouse and children or your big screen television and Star Wars collection, either way they should be kept safe inside your nest. The nest egg comes into play because your nest should increase in value as your ownership term grows (the longer you own it, the more it should be worth).

Let's take the worst case scenario, your house price stayed the same for the past ten years. Even in this case, if you took out a mortgage with a ten year term your monthly payments stayed constant for 10 years! You are ten years closer to having NO mortgage payments and you have chipped away at the size of your mortgage debt. If you had stayed in your rented nest you would have had several rent increases and every penny you paid in rent is gone for good.

Owning your nest has and will always be the safest and most rewarding way to enjoy your life and grow your financial wealth.

David Cousineau

David Cousineau

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