Marijuana Grow Op

Interesting, touchy, conversation within the industry. Should 'Grow Op' houses have to be declared forever?

Generally speaking this type of disclosure will devalue a home.

If a homeowner grows 2000 tomatoe plants in a house with heat lamps, hydroponics and chemical fertilizers, No disclosure required. If a homeowner grows one pot plant, legally, for their glaucoma or cancer, that home is stigmatized forever. Under current regulations/laws the owner, 10 times later, still must disclose. A buyer 30 years from now may not be able to get a mortgage for that home.

Street full of 1950's houses. This one has new insulation, drywall, heat ducts, electrical.... code, health and safety inspections to todays rigorous standards, by the proper government officials. That one has 60 years of leaky roofs, mold, mice, broken water lines, home handy man, but no pot plant. Guess which one our industry stigmatizes, forever.

I don't like grow ops. The current owner of the home should be penalized. But once the home has been renovated, remediated, rectified, tested and passed and now it is the best, most updated house on the street..... 

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